CYIA 2022


Click this link to view the CYIA Student and Parent handbook.  Read it over carefully with your family.   In this handbook, you will find important details about the summer (both training camp and Adventure Clubs) as well as what to expect at training camp.

This paperwork is to be filled out by both the student and the parent.  All paperwork will be filled out and submitted electronically.  The paperwork includes medical information, student permission slips, and an agreement to the CEF Statement of faith and CYIA Handbook.

This headshot photo should be clean and professional (no selfies please).  The photo will be used for your prayer cards that will be sent out with your support letters, as well as your name badges for the summer.

We want to let all of your family and friends know about what you are doing this summer!  Your support letter will address the role of  a CYIA summer missionary, let your friends and family members know how they can be praying for you, as well as gives them directions on how to financially support you for the summer if they wish to do so.  We will create, personalize, and send your letters out for you.  You just need to send us a list of names and addresses that you wish to receive a letter.  We recommend thinking of at least 20 names and addresses.

Ice Cream Social

*This event is required for all CYIA participants.