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Good News Club

Good News Club is a ministry of CEF  in which trained volunteers meet with groups of children in schools, homes, community centers, churches, apartment complexes, just about anywhere children can easily and safely meet with their parent’s permission.


Each week volunteers present an exciting Bible lesson that includes songs, Scripture memory, games and other fun activities.

As with all CEF ministries, the ultimate purpose of Good News Club is to reach boys and girls with the good news of Jesus.

What Is Taught in Good News Club?

Good News Clubs strive to be fun and engaging while also providing great content. We do our best to expose children to the amazing truths of the Bible and the life-changing message of Jesus.

Who Teaches a 

Good News Club?

We train volunteers who have been through a thorough background check and have a heart for kids. Volunteers may come from local churches or other Christian networks.

Where do Good

News Clubs Meet?

Clubs meet across the state of Colorado in local elementary schools, community centers, homes, and parks. If we can find a safe location to host kids, we will open a club there! 

Can we meet in

Public Schools?

Yes! Clubs of any kind are allowed to meet outside of school hours. CEF will welcome any child with their parent's permission.

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