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Volunteer Resources

New Volunteers

Follow the steps below to join our amazing team and reach kids in your area!

Returning Volunteers

Choose which category best applies

to you and follow the steps!

You will receive an email  to complete this step.

Served within last year:

  1. Read and Watch Child Protection Training

  2. Complete Worker's Compliance

Inactive for 1+ years or

need a 5 year re-screen:


  1. Read or Watch Child Protection Training

  2. Complete Background Check

Volunteers Under Age 18: 

Complete steps 1-3 under "New Volunteers." You will not need to complete Step 4.

Active Volunteers

These are all the essential tools you need!

New Club Registration: Use this form to register the club you plan to start for the first time or restart for a new school year

CEF Basics: Watch these trainings or encourage your new volunteers to watch them
Club Attendance Tracking: Use this to track the attendance of your kids for each club

Semester Reporting: Report your Club Attendance each semester with this online form

Printable Club Registrations: Print these club registrations to give students and parents and easy way to sign up for a club!                                            

                        English Club Registration                     Spanish Club Registration


CEF Colorado simplifies curriculum to make it easier to use.

Below you can download some of our updated curriculum for your clubs

God's Love Outcast Website Page.png

God's Love: Hope for the Outcast

An 8-week curriculum to help kids understand God's love, mercy and hope

Daniel - God Rules:

Be Strong

8 Lessons on Daniel

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