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March 2023

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Hi CEF Colorado Family,


This month, twenty-seven teenagers across Colorado have decided to dedicate their summer to becoming a summer missionary through our CYIA program! These students will participate in an intensive training camp, June 9-15. Please be praying that even more teenagers would decide to participate in CYIA, allowing us to schedule even more Adventure Clubs across the state for kids to hear the good news of Jesus. The deadline to apply is April 14th. If you know of a student who may be interested or want to know more, find all information at coloradocef.org/cyia.

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In 2023, we have also offered many online webinars that have equipped club volunteers, church leaders, and many ministry workers how to share the Gospel to children. These webinars offer topics such as sharing the message of salvation, counseling a child to trust in Jesus, and sharing the Gospel message with preschoolers. If you are interested in learning more about when these webinars are offered, email admin@coloradocef.org.



CEF Colorado


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