August 2021

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Hi CEF Colorado Family,


CYIA has officially come to a close for 2021 and we are so excited about what God did through all of our students. Between all the clubs our CYIA missionaries led, we saw over 550 kids participate and hear the good news of Jesus! Thank you to everyone who prayed for and supported our hard-working students this year. We are already planning for 2022!


We are already well into planning for this coming ministry year and are preparing for all the trainings and clubs that will be happening in the coming weeks. With all that is going on, the most important thing we can do is pray. We have worked to reinvigorate our prayer efforts and would love to invite anyone to officially join our prayer team. You can find more info at www.coloradocef.org/prayerteam or please email us at admin@coloradocef.org. We would love for you to be a part!


CEF Colorado State Director